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Gorgeous pictures! Do you think you could come over and decorate my house? :)

Are you entering HOF this year? Would love to see you win. I'm entering but just for the fun of it! It will be my first year.

Have fun in CT!

tara pollard pakosta

that is so awesome about j and his pals. what awesome guys!
and b, thanks for saying such kind things about me. i feel the same way about you!!!!
have fun on your triP! wish i was going! i am so enjoying the detail photos of your home!

Karon Henderson

you're such a sweetheart :) you know, miss priss, that i was referring to your love of 'vintage items'!! you, my dear, are certainly NOT old and well worn. you know we're still young chicks even though i KNOW i'm much older than you :) enjoy your day!!!


I'm going out to buy a tall jar to fill with ribbon like yours today. You've inspired me. I restrained yesterday when I saw it, but what the heck. You only live once right?

melissa deakin

oh becky,
your studio is just amazing.
so fun to get glimpses of where your magic occurs.
love your photos, my friend.


quote " its so fun to get a glimpse of where your magic occurs"

I'm assuming thats in your bedroom haha... couldn't resist!!!


Have a wonderful trip and thanks for sharing your beautiful studio with us. Like I've told you before, if I had that room in my home, I'd never leave it!!! SO dreamy.

Ki Kruk

If I was to be in your house I know that my jaw would drop and you'd have to tell me to close it! Everything is so beautiful that it looks like it's straight from a decorating magazine! So lovely - just like you!

Alissa Fast

what a beautiful and inviting home you have, b! i love the colors and all the gorgeous details! especially love that pink bowl filled to the brim with all of the pom pom trims! :)



Hi Becky! Sounds like you have been busy lately,your studio is looking so cute, i just love the look of it.oh I wished it had snowed like that when i was there.
from your Australian Friend Susan,

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