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Such vibrant color and beauty! I can see why you're so excited to share these Becky. A-MAZING!

Love the *foof* book too. I really enjoy how you listed their characteristic traits. What a treasure it will be to them someday when they're all grown up.


You captured such fun and real


THOSE GIRLS' DRESSES ARE TOO CUTE! I want one! All of the senery in the backround is SOO BEAUTIFUL!

Wendy Sue

Beautiful -- all of it! :o)


1st off....that book you made is amazing! I am in love....can I please please please have you for a grandma? ;) It's awesome :) You have such amazing style Becky. I just adore your work so much.

and those pics and those girls are gorgeous!!

Happy Friday, Happy weekend :)


I love the book! What a neat idea! Have a good weekend!


I love the pictures!! Happy B-day to my car "salesman"! have a great weekend becky!

jessi nagy

oh becky,
the pics are fab! I love them.
i also love your foofy albumn. gorgeous.
jessi nagy


Those are beautiful girls, photos and dresses. Everything about them is beautiful. Great job!!

Vicki Chrisman

I cant wait to get a minute to myself to look through every inch of that book!
You are so right about those little girls! Dolls!


you inspire me! such a beautiful project and photos! xoxo

kim in Camas

that book is amazing! Really!
And your photos are only getting better and better........the lens talk just goes over my head. :)


absolutely gorgeous !!!!

holly k

oh wow, becky!!! everything is sooooo gorgeous! i LOVE it all!!! it was so great to see you tonight!!!


that little album is beautiful! what a wonderful idea...


OH MY GOODNESS those pics are
the best I think I've seen.
You really captured their innocent beauty.

sharyn (torm)

wait...hold the phone - you are NOT a grandma, for realsies? And I mean that in an, ohmystars, but I thought you were at least 15 years younger than me, sort of way. ;)

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