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We live near a high school and can hear the band practice...too COOL !!!!!

Enjoy the day :)


good for you!
once in get an idea, look out sista!
the band made me remember as kids in arlo when our dads would meet on a friday night and watch a basketball game in teh gym and we would hear the band , soooo loud as a kid, and they would play "du du du du da, du du du da du, go big a!!
cool memories.


I love Friday nights in the fall. Before the game starts I can hear the band practicing from my house.

The kids are getting ready for JCFremont days right now.


The pic of Pastor Mike & Terry captures
them perfectly. What an awesome addition to
our Fremont family, so glad they are here!

Vicki Chrisman

I have no idea why..but that photo of the band going down the street almost made me teary.... I agree.. small town life.. it's good!lol


I LOve doing that! makes you feel so good to get it all back to organized...great idea to do up kits for a garage sale! Love that! Great pics! Have a great night!



I love "Business Time"!! It cracks me up uncontrollably. I think it is mainly the excitement in his voice ... LOL, or lack thereof!

kimberly brimhall

You look adorable in those photos becky...becca too! its looks like a blast...and i can't wait to see you at CHA too!


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