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Auntie Jaynee

Your pool shot makes me want to visit!


oh boy that pool looks inviting! hope to get there soon!

SUPER cute card! love the embellishments!


Great looking card for Melissa! Love that. Hope you are well!


Great reminder. I am coaching my middle boys'baseball team (pitching machine) and I REALLY need to take the camera. These kids are so fun and I love their enthusiasm for the game! Carson just got red and blue bands on at the ortho (yesterday, too funny!!)
Even though you aren't taking the daily photos of you and Tom, you are certainly making a point of photographing the most important parts of your life...
Love the pool. The boys have been begging for years, alas, Idaho gets way too much snow in our area :)

Vicki Chrisman

You thought on "what we photograph" make's me think also. Gorgeous photos as always my friend!


This Rollie Pollie Hail Damaged body would love to have fun in the sun with you sometime..

Amber Ulmer

i love your realization... I don't have a many photos of me... doing my daily stuff... not necessarily a "365" thing... just daily tasks... like u said.. editing... in the dentist chair... things like that. thanks for the motivation girl!

Jann Saulsberry

So many great pics...and I can't wait to see the new "documentation" of you and Tom...always love the insight into my friend's lives!

That card just blew me very lovely. I love MF stuff too....

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