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I LOVE these pics! I can only hope that when I do mine they turn out half s good! Awesome Becky! Enjoy your day!



Hi Becky! I recently discovered your blog and really like your work. I have always wondered how the black backgrounds appear so flawlessly black!! What do you lay down behind the subject so that there is no reflection from light sources in the room?

tara pollard pakosta

adore those newborn shots b!
you are the best with newborns too, you really shine in that area and i can tell how much you LOVE IT!


Oh my, these brought tears to my eyes..what a sweet little one...makes me so want another one...beautiful. Jogirl


Thanks for sharing your findings. Your words are always so inspiring. I wrote that first verse down in my day planner this morning. So simple yet so profound.

Photos look magnificent! I did a shoot with two little girls that wore dresses just like "big sister's" above. You'll have to watch for a post about them!

Take care bud!

kerry lynn

needed those words today becks.
happy thursday!

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