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that ladies shop is too cute! Love all the paintings!

that steakhouse look delicious! I want to go there when i come to NE... ( heck, if i ever do! )

hope you have a great sale! wish i was there to buy all your stuff! lol... you know i would!

have a great day becky...


You are truly my breath of fresh air Becky! I just feel so blessed by you and your blog. I appreciate that I can come here and feel blessed. Thank you, God bless you, and enjoy your weekend!


What a fantastic little shop!


love the louisa may alcott quote. thanks for sharing! have a great weekend.


can't wait to get my new piece from Inger! :) YEAH! :)
Had a great time last night.
And you know that I am right there with you on the feelings about home. :)
no place like it, that's for sure! :)


Oh, that shop is so inspiring!!
Love her stuff!!


Does Inger have an etsy shoppe? Her work is delightful!


I need a inspiration outing...I did not know that is what it is called.
Yea! SOunds fun!


Does your friend Inger have a online shop..? I just love her stuff..?


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