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wish we were there to celebrate, i called tehm!
and i 'll miss the tea as well, hunter chicken salad? your specialty!
the 50th pic is on my fridge, thank you!

Auntie Jaynee

That's a great picture of your parents. Looking forward to seeing more pictures from the anniversary party. I love your family.


My parents just celebrated their 50th also! It's a big deal. I feel blessed to have parents like them. I wish I could have gotten them to pose for some better pics but they both don't like that. Love the pics of your parents!

tara pollard pakosta

your parents are amazing b!
wow, your dad is such a sweetheart to do that manicure thing! that's truly so touching to me. a layout about that for sure!!!
LOVE the photos!


The pictures are just beautiful :)
Congratulations to your parents!!!
How wonderful!


The photos of your parents are just . . . perfect. I love how you do your portraits. You always capture their personality and make the viewer feel as if they know them.

Big congratulations on their 50th! How special!

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