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cute cute cute! the layout is so awesome.... totally love the way you laid everything out!

and the jar is suuuuuuuuuuuuper cute!

Amber Ulmer

becky, i love these photos... so candid and special. i hope u party goes great this weekend!

i love that layout too. amazing photo. very powerful. and simplicity... ur so right.


Love the pics of Pam and Oliver!


If you ever have that garage sale, it's love to come!

love the layout!

Leonie - Australia

I like the layout Becky, I to seem to be drawn to simple pages as well & while I can admire a busy layout someone else has done I can't do it, it just feels to much when I put a lot on a page. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned & congratulations to your parents what a wonderful achievement, (my parents celebrated theirs a couple of years ago).

kerry lynn

everytime i see one of your pages i swoon becks. you + simple = fabulousness.
love ya & happy anny to your parents!


I think you are totally classy and I adore your scrapbook pages:)

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

quick catch up.......amazing newborn shots! WOW!
Great pool shots.......can't wait to get to my sisters pool to try some of my skills. :)
Tom needs a pierced ear with that tatt. LOL

lisa garay

you, my dear take the most amazing pictures.
and you are fabulously beautiful.
i'm jealous.


Hope the party goes well, I just know it'll be fantastic! LOVE that layout too and feel as if I could've written that journaling myself.



Princess Lasertron

I made the comment to someone recently that I think one of the reasons our wedding pictures are so awesome is because we had good chemistry--I was able to be myself because I wasn't AWARE of you. And that IS a good thing!

you are not invisible in the world because you have captured so many memories that so many people will look at for generations and generations to come. I know I smile when I think about my great-grandkids showing someone my yellowed (maybe there wont be yellowing in the future?) picture of me in my polka dot dress and say "weren't my mom's grandparents beautiful?" well that's all thanks to you becky. :)


Hope your big 5-0 celebration was spectacular! :) Happy Monday!

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