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tara pollard pakosta

get some rest today!
take a nap!
read a book!
and scrap!
we are going to a jumping tent thing and maybe the pool if it clears up for morgans birthday today!


omw i LOVE your dress...! cute it be any cuter!?!?

love ya!


Love the dresses!
We had a popcorn party at our house Monday and it was so much fun. There were over 20 little ones running about and that was only half of our usual group! Loved fights or squabbles, even!
I am almost done with the Fablehaven books. They are a fantastic young adult fiction/fantasy type and so fun to read. My oldest has read them all and loves them as well. Brandon Mull is the author.
Enjoy your day of relaxation and recharging! We all need them.


I'm coming over for left overs!!!


I think we all need some down time once in a are such a busy good for you for realizing you need it :)
You look beautiful!
Hope you enjoy whatever your day does bring Becky!
Hugs and blessings!


I love how aware you are of all the good things in your life. Every time you post about enjoying where you're at, its a reminder to me to look around at all the good things in my life. We're at very different places, you and I, but its still such a great reminder.

kerry lynn

oh my word.
look at all that deliscious food.
you know it's a little mean
showing all of that
don't you?? lol

reading mermaids chari right now
just started...

love ya.

kerry lynn

and apparently i can't spell today. ;)


hello, first time commenting but are you sharing any recipes? love the pictures of the food.

Leonie - Australia

It looks wonderful Becky, the food, the presentation, the friendship I am glad it went so well. Would be great if you could share some of the recipes you girls use.


Becky... so enjoy coming over here and reading your blog. Your positive outlook and gratitude for the life you live is so inspiring... today was one of those days when I needed someone to say those things... and I need to listen! So thank you for reminding me of how lucky I am.
Your tea party looks so lovely... and delicious!
Enjoy "your" day... savor every moment.


I thought I heard a rumor that Hunters Chix salad was going to be offered??? sorry I missed the fun.. glad you had a good time..and girlfriend don't worry about the face lines.. its a sign of well thats what I've been told..The lines on my face I call laugh lines.. yep the whole face.. laugh lines.. I'm stickin to that statement!!! love ya


That little tea party looks feeenominal wow! Dont' be so hard on yourself - you are beautiful. I have those veins, too...and you know what? Once I saw Julia Roberts being interviewed and she mentioned she has them - notice sometime. Thanks for the GoodReads invite - right now, I am savoring To Kill a Mockingbird, as read by Sissy Spacek, and really, really enjoying it!


Take it easy and enjoy a peaceful day. Everyone needs a little time to recharge-even if it's from having fun! Your tea looked lovely. I like your polka-dot dress.


Yum! That looks good.I have not been entertaining much -I think I am getting lazy. Happy recharge day!


Always so refreshing to read your posts. They are "real" and seem to hit the nerve center of life as it is...but with such a positive outlook despite the need for a healthy vent now and then! I've been reading about your "heavy calendar" and wondered when you were going to need some R&R. But all such fun stuff.

I could esp. relate to the not liking to have one's own picture taken. Why do we do that? I have found that if I tuck the photos away and look at them in 10 years, I tend to be more gracious in my opinion of how I look! ha ha

Thanks for being so real....You're an inspiration.

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