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tara pollard pakosta

great advice b!
not preachy at all!
just perfect!
love the layouts.
so sorry to hear about the accident of jill....that's just awful....i am praying for them.
my heart goes out to them and i don't even know them.


i am hanging on to every morsel of these "heartfelt hints".
thank you.
and i think you know your my mommy mentor, but just in case you forgot :0)
i probably think of you almost daily with the way you spent time, laptime, bedtime, and messes (tents, lemonade stands, craft sales, etc!)
love u-
ps-praying for the chapmans

Cara Bresette-Yates

Becky, I sit here and read your words and I'm glowing inside. We don't have kids yet but I feel SO lucky to have this advice before they get here. Right here, right now I am printing this out and hanging it up to remember these important "words of wisdom".

Also, I will remember your friends in my prayers tonight. So hard to hear this and I don't even know them. My thoughts are with them most definitely.


Thank you so much for the beautiful post. I'm sitting here soaking up all the wonderful parenting comments. One of the most difficult things I face as a mom is taking care of myself. Thanks for the advice.
Also, keeping everyone is our thoughts and prayers.


I entered the empty nest phase one year ago. It's a weird place to be, but it's really okay. I'm quite content with it. The hardest part is letting them be independent...and feeling like they hate you...and hoping in the end they come back around and we can be a little closer again.

I think your advice for the young moms was spot-on. I, too, wish I had done some of these things you list, but we can't change the past. Oh well. Young moms, listen to Becky. She's right! :-)

So sorry to hear about the Chapman family and the horrid storms. I'll pray for them.

Suzelle Kasaian

You are amazing. Your advice gives me hope..haha !!! I've got 2 GREAT kids, but it isn't easy. I do NEED to work on more ME time !!!!

How sad for your friends.....just sad. In my thoughts and prayers.....

julie james

just loved your post today ... just loved it !! All of these really hit home w/me. really made me reflect on the things I need to work on with my 15 yr old son.


being a young mom is BITTER SWEET AND NOT SO BITTER SWEET. we do what we can and god helps us through the rest. GREAT post today Becky. I loved reading it.

Leonie - Australia

my three children are now adults & I couldn't agree more with your words of wisdom, all so so true, & I can completely relate to your feelings of the things we wish we would have done differently!
So sorry for your friends, that is very sad.
Love your blog Becky!


Thanks for the words of wisdom. Much of it I have experienced in recent years-rebellious kids/semi-empty nest stuff. But good to hear I'm not alone in some of the stuff I'm finding out/realizing now. Your photos as always are beautiful-love the antique-y one w/ the flag in the background. Will keep your friend Bill and his family in my prayers.


Is this where I say "preach it"... or just "amen". :) seriously, I totally agree with what you've said. :) Thanks for saying it. And if I was that family above, I'd have that second shot made into a honkin' hugs canvas so I could remember those sweet tender hugs. :) Seriously, awesome shot. :)


Thanks for sharing your insight Becky. Most days, I feel like I am failing my kids. I keep praying that God's grace succeeds over my failures.
My heart aches for the family....I will pray for them....such a tragedy.
Hugs Becky!


Great post. God-inspired wisdom, indeed. I'm guessing there's a world of seasoned mom's out there who are shaking their heads "yes, yes" as they read your post for today...and I'm one of them!

Sending prayers of comfort to your much heartache.

Thank you for blessing my day,

kerry lynn

oh becks.
i'm so sorry.
all my love.


oh I so agree with handing off your camera to someone.....I was so grateful at my birthday party when you asked for my camera. Those pictures are Mom was looking thru them the other day and picked out the picture of her & I and said "that's the best picture in the bunch". THANK YOU!!!!

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