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I love the puddle - pictures in the rain would be great for most kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

tara pollard pakosta

what a fun shoot anyway!!! it's awesome! and i can see why tom came alONG LOL!

kerry lynn

look how cute he is on his mini harley!!


Great shots Becky! Have a great garden party tomorrow....sounds like so much fun!


Michelle Tan

WOW! LOVE the Harleys! Such a cool shoot Becky!

Shawn Newill

Love the results Becky, and this was fun for us too, I am glad that you were up for the challenge, rain and all. I can not wait to see all of the proofs. Thanks Again for an AWESOME time, and Great photo shoot, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Shawn, Fred, and Jacob


Becky - you take such wonderful personal family photos. The pictures have much meaning and seem to capture each family at its best. I am such an admirer.

Vicki Chrisman

I can relate SO much the first part of this post! lol Cant wait to see you! You know..just call if there is anything I can do or pick up for you on my way.

Jann Saulsberry

Oh Becky! These are so very wonderful! I love the location and the moments you captured....what a great photographer you are!

kimberly brimhall

EVERY single photo you take is perfect! *sigh* i have so much to learn...I adore your playing catch up from my trip...sad you weren't there:(

will u be at CHA?

i hope so...loves*kb


fabulous once again!! such an adorable little fella :)


Bec.. sorry I can't make it tomorrow.. Have a great time.. love ya


All of these pic's are so beautiful, I love your work. But this family is also very important to me too, their my cousins. Great work!!

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