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emma :o)

glad you had a great time..missed your blog while you were gone! LOVE all the projects!


glad you are home and tom had good biking weather - unlike your winter ventures

jill s

hi becky!

i told you i would comment so here i am!

i met you outside jenni bowlin's booth at cha. :)

i love your faves book! so cute.


melissa deakin

sounds like a fabulous CHA.
are there any new DW books coming out?
i didn't see anything online.
love that new chatterbox...your projects are always!


You're so sweet...I loved meeting you! Love all your work!


it was SO very nice to meet you (again) and hang for a while! hopefully we'll catch up again sometime soon!!!! love seeing your work, always! :)


so wonderful meeting you becky. :D


hey Beck :)
as always it was a pleasure to be around you. You are so talented and you inspire me with your enthusiasm and your WORK!
i hope we will do another show together...

leslie :)

Stefanie Hamilton

Becky, it was great to see you! :-)


Becky, Becky, Becky....what can I say without sounding like a sappy, sickeningly sweet phony just lavishing you with praise??!!?? That or a stalker?? LOL

Your work, be it photography or scrap, is beyond has always moved me and gave me the sense of "i know who she is".

Well, after spending such *quality* time with you I walk away truly knowing in my heart and soul that your works does evoke exactly who you are in this world & even so, you are so much more than that.

"lucky", "blessed", "forunate", "graced", "exalted" are all words that describe how it feels to be able to call you "friend".

Thank you Becky, for being you, being an incredible soul and allowing me into your world.


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