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WOW! She is one cute girl! Gorgeous shots! I am off to vote! Have a great day Becky!

geez i wish i lived closer....

kris arnold

We would love to be your adventurous military family. My husband is in the Coast Guard. We have 3 children, of which 3 live at home. The kids are 22,20(the one at college), 11 and 9. I think we are VERY adventerous - a few of us might be a tad TOO adventerous. I think the one thing that might disqualify us is that we live on an island off the coast of Alaska, called Kodiak. It's where the Coast Guard sent us. The scenery is like none other. Look it up some time. I'm sure when you see the price of airline tickets here you will disqualify us right off your list, but it was worth a shot.
On another note, I love your blog. At this point I don't even remember how I came acrossed it but it is the one blog that I faithfully check. I love your photos, your decorating knack, and your authentic life. You are an inspiration and I look forward to my daily dose of Becky each day. Off to vote for you!

kris arnold

Oops, I said we have 3 kids but I meant 4. sorry.


I voted for you! Hope you win!!!


if you'd consider a way for us to come from CO, we'd love to do it! (*wink*)

great shots.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

I voted!
Wonderful photos......Love the black and white one.


I was checking out you blog and does your friend Inger have a online shop..?



Kelly Goree

HOLY WOW is she beautiful and those photos are STUNNING, Beck! WOW! LOVE the one with her leg out and hands in her pockets. Just beautiful!


I voted :)
love your work


Shari Garner

You got my vote....I think your photos are stunning! So enjoy your blog and how you generously share your thoughts and talents.

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