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SUPER cute photos of Harper!


she is a doll! great photos Becky / :)


thanks for the info on the music - I was all aflutter when it didn't come on. I am such a creature of habit. 10:00am visit with Becky and Summertime on the radio!

Jan J

Becky - Fantastic shots of Harper! Really great. And kudos to you for making the cover of Wedding magazine! I hope you're basking in the glow.

Auntie Jaynee

Love the pictures of Harper! And the cover of the mag! Wow!


Incredible photos - what treasures. Is that
the chair you got from the other photographer. I think I need one just like it. ;-)


Geez mom you gave harper senior pictures as a two year old huh. Did you keep having her change her outfits or what? jk they look good. love ya


LOVE the chair and the tutu is perfect! Congrats on the mag cover :)
Jeff and I have our anniversary in October and are trying to plan a getaway. How fun would it be if we actually met up?!


Great photos Becky!

Now, don't even tell me you are going to "ConvenZione"...if so, you need an assitant? Ker can vouch for me as a resume reference and my uncanny ability to happily schlep stuff around! LOL


melissa deakin

those photos are fabulous, b!
harper's look has changed. she is just so beautiful. i could eat her right up in that last photo.
you sound so wonderful and happy for you!

Vicki Chrisman

Those photos of harper are all just darling! and... so cute that Jared stopped to check for the mag... really sweet!
As for the music... I have been debating about taking mine off for some time now..
I'll have to see if mine has the "play" option. I know it has mute..but having it off.. with the option to play... would probably be best.
I even started a thread a while back to see what people felt about music on blogs.. I was suprised to hear the results..that the majority would rather not have it on blogs they visit. I love your music.. so I WILL be pushing "play".


Adorable shots! The first one is my very very fave, priceless!!!


Oh my, you've really done it now. Those pics of Harp are AdOraBle!!!!LOVE the underpass pic.she looks so grown up. I miss her, haven't seen her in 2 weeks.
Jareds review cracked me up!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

Congratulations, you totally deserve it. Let me know about the LA thing as I live in southern California and would love to take a class and have a session of grandbabies and me. I hope it works out.


Oh my goodness, Becky! I absolutely LOVR these photos. I so wish my kids were little again so You could take their photos. Little Miss Harper is just delicious looking. I can see why you love being grandma so much. And Jared's comment.... hee hee!


just a lurker here, but need to say that i love your photos! Especially no. 4 above. Can you fill us in on your lenses, etc?? So beautiful! And, congratulations on the magazine!



Great photo's! You are very talented. I love to change color combinations around in my cards with the seasons. My latest favorite was black/white/raspberry and dark lime. It looked awesome and I had a ton of positive comments. Bright...crisp and fun!

Kristi P

My favorite color combo of the moment is anything with orange -- orange and sage, orange and anything!

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