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Auntie Jaynee

I want a copy of the magazine! It looks amazing! I'm so happy for you!

princess lasertron

mmmm, I had issues with a few of my quotes too. I was so excited to get my copies! I'm so glad you did our wedding. xoxox

lisa truesdell

sososooooooooooooooo excited for you. matthew thought it was awesome, too. =)
so sweet of jared and beth - i'm sure brooke loved the downtime!

hey - can you send me the pic of my chip monster when you get a chance? ;)

Cara Bresette-Yates

Oh Wow Becky! I've been busy and haven't been able to check your blog for a couple days and I get to come back to all this excitement!! I am incredibly proud and happy for you! You are such an inspiration and I know I say that a lot but I truly mean it. You are what happens when an artist is passionate and hardworking and diligent and thankful all at once. I LOVE to see your journey and now this is a major milestone that you will always remember.

You inspire me to be successful at what I do and to be brave and remain true to myself. I thank you . . .

Now I can't wait to see what new and fun opportunities await you with this wonderful showcase of your work. I'd love a copy if you have any extra!

I'm happy to see you enjoying this kick booty time in your life . . . you deserve it!
Love ya,


congrats again!! soooo happy for you and yes, of course, i want a copy :) so so sweet of jared and beth to take the kiddos and know brooke definitely needed the rest.
was out yesterday and just saw harper's 2 yr. photos.....absolutely adorable!!!! hugs.....k


Enjoy this moment friend. :)
I'm so proud of you and happy for you.
What a great time to be you! :)
Katie loved the ad (well, she loved the article too but you know... LOL!)


Give God the glory and go for the ride my friend.

Vicki Chrisman

Oh.. bec I'm just sooo happy for you friend!!!

melissa deakin

enjoy every moment of your success.
you are so deserving of this.
you are one of the most sincere and genuine people. God blesses you because you bless others.
i am so lucky to call you my friend.
i love the pool shots!
what a great uncle and brother jared is!


congratulations becky! that's so awesome! :D

Mary Dawn

i think you come across excited and proud, just as you should...heck, i'm excited and proud :) congrats x 3


you are awesome and you have apparently risen to superstardom in my office.

Love the magazine, can't wait to read the whole article!



Good for you Becky! So deserving! Wish I could get a magazine here in Canada I will have to check around! Gorgeous shots again too!


Stefanie Hamilton

Becky, I'm so excited for you!! You totally deserve all of the good things coming your way. :-)

kerry lynn

woo hoooooooooooooo!!!
so excited & proud for and of you becks!!!
you deserve it all!!


If you have any left... I would love to have one! Congrats.... you deserve it!

Penny Smith

Me! Me!! I want a copy!! What for shipping!! :)

CONGRATS! Very cool!!


SOOOOOO happy for Megan!! If you have any copies of the magazine left, I'd LOVE to have one since I've been second-shooting some weddings w/my friend Chasity. I'd happily pay you!

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