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I find it sad that we live in a day and age where a post like this could be considered controversial. I LOVE your outline of reasons that you attend church, and many of them are the same reasons I attend.

Thank you so much for sharing- it was encouraging. You should never have to be ashamed to share the love of Jesus. :)


How is that controversial???
It is real.
It is honest.
It is what makes you you.
And....I like you :)

Loved this post Becky!!!


Great post Becky! I know what you mean by wanting this to serve as encouragement not judgement. There are blessings that God has for us that cannot be fulfilled anywhere but in the body of Christ! I feel sad for believers who don't attend or belong to a church because we can't experience the fullness of Christ outside of 'the church.' This will serve as a great reminder to yourself too if/when you go through one of those dry times that we sometimes experience. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Goree

As I told you the last time I saw you, Becky, you're an incredibly beautiful soul. You have an inner light that really shines. Love your post.


Debby Schuh

I know what you mean! I LOVE to be in's something I need to do and want to do for all the same reasons as you. When I have to miss when I'm out of town, I'm so happy that my church has a live feed online so I can feel a little bit like I've been there.
So nice to meet you at CHA!


Well said. Quite simply, and not controversial at all. I respect others choices, but know personally what fulfills me. And my 10 reasons are similar to yours. The biggest for me: that sense of fulfillment. Gorgeous 'Wish', by the way ;)


Great post. I love your transparency, your sensitivity to others that may have differing views, and yet the motivation of your heart is to share something you find wonderful and encouraging. You are light in a dark world. Shine on sister!!!



AMEN SISTA.. You are soso lucky to have a pew filled with your family in Church.. Thats a dream of mine someday.. for now I'll be happy and Blessed that Landon is sitting with me every once in awhile!!... Theres no better feeling than a total hour with the Lord.. in church or not.. Love ya girlfriend


becky, i grew up in a baptist family, later going on to become a preachers kid in a non-denominational church...and when i walked away from it 8 years ago, it was for SO many reasons. for the first time in a very long time, you have made me miss going to church. thank you for that. xo. - heather


Thanks for your encouraging words. Many times because I'm not wanting to come across judgemental, I won't know exactly what to say to someone who says, 'I love Jesus and I can worship him anywhere. Why do I need to go to church?' You summed it up very well. I particularly like #3-showing publicly or commitment and loyalty to Him. Mind if I share your list w/ our pastor? He would like this. I won't share til I hear from you. Have a great week!


Thank you so much for not being afraid to say this. I hate that we as Christians feel like we need to apologize before we say anything about our faith and our good God. Right on, Amen and yes girl to all you said-I pray that this touches many many others (like it already has:))!!!


rock on, BN!!! so well said!!

to me, there's a very good reason God intended for things to be as they are - that we would be a body of believers, pieces of a whole. not that worship, prayer, etc. can't be done solo by any means... but that accountability, that family, those who you can stand next to and either silently or publicly bear your heart, speak your soul and share love for Jesus... um, yeah.


"i like to dress up"
i love you becky!!! :)

Penny Smith

Relating, completely... since we started going to the church we are at currently-it is that and more for us...
Thanks for posting this!
Sharing your beliefs, being transparent!
Thanks Becky! Your so sweet and soft spoken, but so clear and concise. :)



Lovely creations, adorable pics and good for you for speaking your mind like that....I couldn't agree with you more!!

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