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It was fun seeing you at Scrapfest. I hope your voice is recovering. I wish we lived closure. I need some camera 101 from you. You are gifted. Hugs-Kara


i love this canvas!
you give out such cool ideas, thank you!!
i agree with your devo share today. very powerful...squeeze from me, luv u,er


Oh, I have that devotional book by Max Lucado. I love it. I listened to a series by Beth Moore recently on Wednesdays with Beth on Life Today called "Living Forgiving." She talked about "gracing" (forgiving) others. If we get in the habit of gracing others for just a small hurtful comment they may make, then when the big issues come up it will be much easier to forgive. It's a concious decision, you know? Even the little things can make us become bitter if we allow them to build up so I've really been aware of it so much more and have been "living forgiving."
The photos are beautiful and the canvas is so cute. I really want to try one! Thanks for the constant inspiration from your blog...creatively and spiritually! :)


Love the new pictures :) The project looks fun! I think that it would be very easy to replace hatred with any vice that is bringing you down. I know there are times I struggle with...well, you name it, I probably struggle :) It's really important that all of us take an accounting of our lives and realize where we are and where we are going and figure out how to gte there. Love it when you include these excerpts that touch you!


Love this:
"you will never be called upon to give anyone more grace than God has already given you."

It actually made me sit up a little straighter, then I had to re-read it. Not that I'm currently struggling with anger and/or hate, but wow, what a powerful thing to remember.


Hey Becky! Love the photos!! Quesiton (if you're willing to answer it) - did you use a phtoshop action on her eyes in the first photo? My boys both have the bluest eyes, but this is the look I WANT in photos!! Can you help me out?? Thanks a million, girl!!


That's one of my favorite devotional bibles as well. Is the cream hard cover one? I bought mine at a garage sale, funny. LOVE mine, though...very insightful and inspiring.

Chris Dodaj

I recently purchased two canvases, now once again I'm inspired by yours.

Love all the varios pictures in this post, Becky! The baby is getting big!

And, love the passage about anger. this so speaks to me right now. thank you for sharing that!


tara pollard pakosta

i wish i lived there too, so we could edit together! i could totally help you out!

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