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Gorgeous shots as as always! I have been wanting a drop leaf table for awhile and haven't een able to find one yet so I agree totally when you find it you buy it!lol Have a great day!



amazing photos and inspiring words...that is who you are today! Hats off, my friend. Kara

Michelle Davies

Thanks for doing such upbeat, fun, inspiring blog entries. Your blog is one that I look forward to reading daily.

Also, do you have a link for the daily December? I looked all thru and couldn't find a mention of it. Thanks


I hear you about thinking about something so much you HAVE to take it home. I am kicking myself for not getting a chest of drawers at a garage sale from Thursday!
Good news...not sure if you are directly related to this or not but I sold 2 capes the day you blogged about me to a gal named Karon in the deep south. Yippee!!
I also met someone who said "do you know Becky Novacek?" It took me a second and then she said she saw my capes on your blog! Small world. Guess you are someone's step-mother in law? I don't remember but she was blonde and lives in Lincoln.
Love the blog.

Vicki Chrisman

Super Cute photos!! Cant wait to see your table.

kristal @ aksarbenlove

Hey Becky!
I've been doing great! Married life is even better than I could have imagined. I'm really glad Brett and I have great pictures of our wedding.

I recently started up an etsy shoppe to sell my screen printed and handmade goods. I'm really excited to get it going. You should check it and my blog out: or

Have a great week! <3


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