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hey becky,
i just found out that on saturday my first volleyball games are at 10 and 12 and then depending on if we win or lose, we play at 2 or 3. it's in norfolk, so by the time we're back it'll be between 4:00-4:30 or 5:00-5:30 then it will take me about an hour to get ready. i dont know if you can take pictures or not because trev sad someting that you only can between 3-4.:( hah. so if you can't that's totally fine, just let me know.



I hope you are feeling better for your trip Becky! no fun being sick.
Can't wait to see all your awesome photos from this adventure. :)

Catherine Levy

Wow, what an amazing photographer you are...I occasionally get shots like this of my family but it is rare. Love your work :)!



Such gorgeous pics, as always. I LOVE the BABY JOHNSON one in his onesie!

melissa deakin

oh my goodness, becky, these photos are so beautiful.
i cannot get over how much grey has grown and i am in love with that onesie...definitely adding that to the list of items needed for the new babe.
hope you are feeling better!


I hope you feel better :(
Love the new photos and omgosh G is so adorable! And Harper.....I'm dying about that stance! My Katie did that and my sister caught it on film (way back before digi ;) LOL)! I should scrap it!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

CUte cute cute.......all of the photos! I am so irritated that I have bunco tonight! I have been looking so forward to seeing Survivor! Thankfully we'll DVR it.

I can't remember if I already asked you to head to my blog to see my best impression of taking photos like my friend Becky. I took....practiced taking shots for my friends son for his senior shots. This kid had the most stoic personality too. Yikes.


Super cute pictures! I love them all!

Vicki Chrisman

Love looking at the kiddos photos, and seeing how they are growing!


have fun on the jaunt! I know a gal fro vickies that goes on it every year and has a blast with a bunch of girl friends.

cant believe how big miss ella has gotten!! Such a cutie! Love the pic of addie and kirby!

holly k

ooh becky - that pose harper is doing is JUST like my ella used to do (and still does). look out! lol! she's so adorable! they all are! i hope you feel better soon!


Hope you get feeling better! LOVE these amazing shots! Happy Friday!

ps have fun and hope you Find some new things!


Isn't flag football so funny :) My 7 year old is on a team and is easily the biggest kid out there (he's built like a football, I am more of a baseball fan, but what do you do?) at last week's game one of the kids on the opposing team picked one of our kids up by the flags, he was swinging all over and we all had a good chuckle :)
Love the pouty lips! Makes me miss my boys even more when they aren't with for G taking your pics, Q has started wanting to trade shot for shot and most of the ones he is taking are ones my husband may like, but really aren't 'me' if you know what I mean ;)


Hi Becky,
Love the shots! Who makes that gorgeous black and white dress?


I saw your mom and dad at the doctors office on Friday.. Up date me please.. Praying for you everyday.. love ya girlfriend

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