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Renae Clark

Becky!!!! These are absolutely amazing! I'm so glad you thought of taking a picture of us together. Thank you so much!! These are incredible. Yeahhhh!! I'm so excited (as though my exclamation points didn't say that already)!!!!! Okay, I have to go back and look at these shots again!!! Renae

Renae Clark

Glad to hear your mom made it through the surgery Becky. (and sorry I sound like such a spaz in my previous post!) Renae

karon henderson

so glad your mom is doing well :) love the
photos on cara's blog and the closeup of you and tom is absolutely GOOOOORGEOUS!!!!


these are great old market pics.
the love in the moms eyes when she is with her son, melts me.

i loved the cb pics of the N fam. i love 'em!!!


I was happy to come to Fremont for this fun photoshoot Becky! You guys were all great and your planning really paid off. I feel fortunate that you chose me for such a special photo . . . your family!

Love ya! :)

Mary Ann

I love the photos of your family!
Just amazing!

Jenni Shawyer

Hi Becky - I have been visiting your blog for some time now but I'm a little shy when it comes to posting comments and things... But for some reason, this evening I thought I should - because your work and your words are amazing - food for the soul... You lift my spirits with your beautiful photographs - how you capture such wonder, such depth and such love... I cannot express how much I admire your work! And your words so warm and inspiring... Thank you.



great shots, becky!! and i peeked at your family shoot...FANTASTIC! you have such a gorgeous family! i'm sure you'll have the perfect place for your new family photos in your beautiful home! :)

Stefanie Hamilton

Oh my goodness, Becky, your family photos are gorgeous! And I love the ones you took of Renae's son - my favorite is the B/W with the car.

Vicki Chrisman

So glad your mom is doing well, and that she is home! Can you send me her addy? Thanks!
The photos of your fam... over the top ADORABLE!!
as, are the ones you took of this handsome guy!


I recognize that beautiful woman in that photo!! HI RENEE!!! (You'll laugh as I sat there and said to myself...that looks like RCinWI! ;)) Your son is SOOOO handsome and Becky did a fantastic job capturing it! Congrats to both of you on his Senior year!

Becky - beautiful photos as always, and praying for your sweet mom. Hugs and more hugs,

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