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Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I'm so making time! You have a lovely day too Becky.

Vicki Chrisman

Glad you had a great time out with you mom and aunt. You know I'm loving these photos with this couple and thier "girls". The one with the dogs and the stick is fantastic!


Becky, If you get a chance would you say again where you have prints and especially canvases printed? Also, if you have a link for Kelly who did the aprons at the Affair Deaux event in Cali. Thanks! and thank you for always sharing so much good stuff!

Kara Ward

Okay, the couple is cute but the dogs are, I want you to take photos of Coco. Good luck, she is speedy. I am cleaning out my yucky basement. I sure wish I was window shopping with you! Kara


this morning I wanted some good I turned becky's blog on.. thank you my friend


Ahhh...I needed to hear that about making time for what is important Becky. I've been thinking I've let myself go long enough, it is time to exercise and put first what is important.
I love the couple with the dogs. you captured who they are with the dogs, it made me smile.

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