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I LOVE this post! Makes a person so Thankful for others... especially those that are willing for the sacrifice! Great shots Becky and I LOVE your Christmas cards! Love them!!!!
Have a great day!


stephanie Howell

thank you so so much my sweet friend.
i appreciate it more than i can say.
and yes, I wonder daily how families who don't believe in the Lord make it through situations like this.

Vicki Chrisman

I LOVE your Christmas cards..but I can totally see that quality photos would be key. The photo are 90 percent of the card.. and that's what I love about them. Just enough design element to add interest.
Your photos on these capture your family perfectly!


I almost blogged about this yesterday. I truly cannot imagine. I watched the videos and it hit me hard. I feel foolish even admitting it but I truly just had no clue. I guess who would? You know they are giving to their country....OUR country. You know the sacrifice they and their families are making. You know it's probably horrible but to see it? To watch it? To hear it? It made my heart wrench. God bless each of them, their families.
I am with you.....I don't know how one can get through that, or even the littlest things in life, without faith and without knowing that you always have the Lord to lean on. He's always every situation, in every breath.
Hugs Becky


Sure wish you were closer to St Louis! :)


my word.... becky those pictures are amazing! love the first and last one... VERY photogenic!

Renae Clark

Hi Becky! First, just so you know, my email isn't working (again) this week, so I haven't been able to respond to your email . . . and my response is DITTO! I just feel so blessed to have spent time with you and Tom and have you as Daenon's photographer. I wish we could have had more time chatting, but as you could tell, the teenager was ready to go! Hopefully, next time we can shop and chat. Your photos this week are absolutely amazing!! Of course, I'm anxiously awaiting a few from Sundays' shoot.

Thank you for sharing the video on Steph's husband. I listed to the segment this morning on NBC, but didn't make the connection. Talk to you soon! Renae


Your words are so true! Life would be so, so hard if God wasn't at the center of everything for me.

And your pictures - and comments about the cards and photographers - echo my sentiments exactly! You've created a wonderful keepsake for your family members and your loved ones too. Thanks for showing us!


i follow steph's blog, too, and it's got to be a tremendous undertaking for her.
i'm honored that she shares her story with us every day, and i love that the internet allows us to have so many "friends" (real-life or virtual) to help each other through those times.

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