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I will remember all these people in my prayer list today. You have the right mantra, to get down on your knees. Thanks for that reminder. We're not in control, He is.

The photos from your loft look magnificent!! So natural and beautiful. Great looking subjects too! Their wedding pictures will be fabulous!


oh becky
my heart just froze when i read your post
i cannot even imagine having to give up those two children
thinking about all of you today


omw, they turned out GREAT! when i come to nebraska you are so doing a shoot of me up there!

love them all!



I know that you and I don't know each other however; I do read your blog whenever you post something new. I love all of your photography. You do an awesome job!! I wanted to let you know that I am praying for your friends. It breaks my heart for the parents of those children. How hard that will be for them. Also I as well hate the word and disease cancer. I lost a best friend due to cancer a year ago in May. She was at the young age of 22. If you'd like to read about her and the things she taught me check out this blog:
Anyway - keep these verses in mind as well!

Romans 8:28. It is about how God will use our tough times to work out for the best and for good to come out of bad.

Romans 5:3-5. It speaks of how to get through tribulations and tough times. Tribulation brings about hope and hope never disappoints.

Take Care! Keep your head up as much as you can! :)


I hear what you're saying but I know for me, when I start to stress or get overwhelmed by other peoples situations, it's because I'm trying to see how it all can be humanly fixed or made better. I find that I need to step back and remember that nothing is going on that God doesn't know about and I have to trust Him. Prayer is so grounding and the end result is His " perfect peace that surpasses all understanding." Take care.


you and your loved ones are in my prayers.

your loft looks fantastic. that brick wall is perfect. gorgeous photos.

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