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what an adorable baby! your photos are always so wonderful. this is my first post, but i read your blog all the time:)

Joanie Parkert Roessner

I heard that you found out that I am a secret reader of your blog. Numerous times I have wanted to say, "I agree with you", or "wow...that picture was great". I do love your blog and I think you have a real talent.

My friend Dawn came to work today with a huge smile and told me all about your workshop over the week-end. She couldn't have praised you more. We giggled and opened your blog and looked at pictures and the different lighting. :)

Have a wonderful week!

Your secret blog reader,


so glad your workshop went well!!!
i love the little baby pics... his eyes are amazing.
in that last photo i think beth looks like a young version you?! ;)

melissa deakin

oh my goodness...sounds like an amazing weekend.
i want to come to the loft!
those photos of grey are amazing.
i cannot believe how big and alert and not a newborn he is.
those photos filled my soul today...makes me look forward to meeting our new little guy (who still does not have a name!)
thinking of you, friend!

Kim S


Can't wait to see the pictures of the loft.

You have such an amazing eye - detail, grace, and a true gift. The opportunity to bless families with treasured keepsakes in an environment that I am sure will inspire you - is truly amazing!

May He richly bless everything that you put your hands to. So grateful for your blog!



Vicki said the class was awesome! Wish I had been there.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

can't wait to see more shots.....

Hmmmm, will we be seeing engagment photos after Christmas? If so, Jared should really let you be there for the moment.....think of the shots you'd get!


I wanna come to the loft too! Sounds like it was amazing! Gorgeous shots always!

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