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Heather Crawford

Hi seeing your Christmas pics..what lens did you use for that wide angle shot of the living room? a wide angle? and you must have good lighting in your home to get such clear shots without a flash? I'm jealous..mine is so dark..did you use your 50mm 1.4? and congrats to your son...


Congrats to Beth and Jared! Weddings are so much fun :)
It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas :)


Merry Christmas! Congrats to your son and wife to be! I think they have a dog like our Charlie...Check out Charlie in his Christmas sweater...
What breed is their dogs-Charlie is a Yorkshire Terrier and Dachshund MIX.
Thanks for all your great inspiration in 2008!

tara pollard pakosta

i ordered 667 prints at our walgreens too lol....apparently people dont' do that often because they called me asking if i was SURE i wanted that many prints HA!
i wish i could be there to see their albums!!!!! hugs!

vicki chrisman

Oh what totally fun news!!!!
I LOVED looking at your Christmas photos! Thanks for sharing!

Stefanie Hamilton

Congrats to Jared and Beth! Thanks for sharing your Christmas photos. :-)


looks like you had a fantastic holiday!

Kim Caldwell

Congrats to your sweet boy and his girl! Can I say she sort of reminds me of his Momma? Love all your pictures -- great memories. Love all the wee ones in the new house. So fabulous. Happy New Year dear friend. . .

Hugs, Kim


J There are going to be a lot of sad ladies out there, but we are THRILLED with the chosen one.


J today is a sad day in the lives of many women out there, but we are THRILLED with the chosen one.


i just love these peeks into your life, miss becky. you dazzle me.


Great pictures, Becky! Congrats to Jared and exciting!!!

Renae Clark

Hi Becky. I can't believe you shut down Walgreens!! Too funny (well, at least for me since I wasn't waiting on pics!)

Congrats to your son and his new fiance'. Happy Holidays to you! Renae

kim Scrap to my lu

**jumping up and down**
I knew it! I just knew it! Congrats on Jared's engagement! This is So exciting!
So silly, but I even thought about it on Christmas........wondering..........

Love all the family shots you got. Lucas would die over that Starwars display. He also got the AT-TE with several clones and droids.....he even had striped jammies on. :)

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