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tara pollard pakosta

I can't even bear to think of you dying on me. seriously, i would be devastated. love you!
i know a 9 and 7 year old you could photograph LOL!!!!

erin yamabe

hi becky,
what wonderful photos from cha-w. it was great to see you, and hope you had a safe trip back home, into your beautiful photography studio! i would love to see it someday and have you photograph my dear family.
kl is one of my faves, too:) it was nice meeting some of her team.


we're lutheran missouri synod, too. :) and in the midst of calling a new pastor. right now we're calling #4 - definitely a process!

have a great weekend, my friend.


Thank you for sharing your stories as always. I was raised lutheran missouri synod as well. ;) A friend of mine is pregnant with triplets so I will pass along your information to her. Have a super weekend!


i am totally interested in the class! oh wait...i live in a another stinkin' STATE! and i dont have an SLR camera.... never mind!

Seriously, some day i am flying there for a class!!!!

Miss ya,

kerry lynn

losing anyone
or watching those we love lose someone
is always so hard for me too
i always cry
at every service
even if i don't know the deceased very well
all of that sadness a grief overwhelms me
just the thought of losing everything
and i would be so sad to see you go
and jen looked smokin hot!

ps : dude
nice cleavage you got on me
ha ha ha!!


awesome photos!!!!! it was SO very nice to see you again!

amazing grace but the grace like rain version would rock for my funeral. sigh...


PS... wait! it just registered!!! THE great BN took my photo... holy crap!!!!!!!!!

laura shelton

Last weekend, we attended a funeral for a man from our former little country church we had attended years ago. I experienced that same quiet reverent spirit, and know what you mean. we have attended a modern charismatic for years now and are happy, but there is something to be said for that quiet time for reflecting.

Melissa Miller

Hi Becky. I found your blog through 2 peas. I have a couple of young girls who figure skate. They are 5 and 7. If you can't find a young couple, they might work for you.

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