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I am also a HUGE Philosophy fan. I am blessed with pretty good skin myself. I think for me it is because my father's side has naturally oily skin and while I can control the shine, the oils in my skin help keep it more radiant and elastic. The Philosophy exfoliant is the bomb! I got it in the super size to keep in the shower. I mix it with the Purity cleanser and together the two super sizes will last for at least a year. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I have also started adding a bit of green tea to my water for flavor and health. This is the year I am gonna lose a LOT of weight, so we'll see how bad my skin sags after that! Hopefully, it is healthy enough to take it!

tara pollard pakosta

thanks for the recommendations. i have HORRIBLE SKIN! i still get zits all the time! and it's oily in some places dry in others. i HATE my skIN! maybe it's all the JUNK i eat though!


first of all woman, i gotta tell ya'-that new picture of you --good gracious, you look like you are 21
you hottie!

so glad you gave me some skin care tips as requested!


oh yes...big score on the starter we're talking!

Leonie - Australia

Love the photos, the last one showing the tatoo is so good, I bet they love them!

vicki chrisman

Gorgeous Photos! See you at CHA if not before.


I love your comments about skin care and aging! I really believe in the importance of water, Vitamin D, and calcium. I've always been a huge milk drinker (it was raw - not pasteurized or homogenized from our own cows) and I think all that calcium has made a huge difference in my health. Lots of people don't believe that I'm 53 and I attribute it to calcium. I love Oil of Olay daily moisturizer and I'm going to look for that Burt's Bees product. I use their Lip Shimmer Sticks all the time - got them in every color!

The pictures today are great!!

I love your ideas about future lists - sound great to me!! Lovin' your blog even more this year - if that's possible!!

Heidi Sonboul

This is going to sound weird, but I want a photo shoot so bad with a guy that has tattoos! I think it would be a cool photo to have in my gallery :) Great photos!!!!!! I love your work!

Julie - On the Dot Creations

I just love your lists, Becky! Keep up the great work!


WOW!!!!! This post is fabulous! Love it! Gorgeous shots too! Have a great day!



i must know what his tattoo says!

Maija Lepore

Lots of beautiful photos and lots of great tips! I'm a fiend for good skincare.
Here's a book I got that I really enjoy: How Not To Look Old

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