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Look fab, friend! :)
So proud of you...

Nancy N

Congrats to you Becky - it is a wonderful site!


Looks Awesome! The portfolio spread is amazing. Congratulations!!


Love your site! I couldn't quit watching the scrolling banner, just to see what popped up next.


Very beautiful! Is it also your new blog-like a blogsite? And can we still comment? :)

lisa truesdell

it's so beautiful, becky. congrats!!!

melissa deakin

looks gorgeous, becky!
i love the photo of greyson!


Congratulations on your new site. It looks fabulous! I couldn't figure out how to comment though. =P I wanted to say the photo of Michaela was gorgeous-so natural! My niece is a former Teen Miss and Miss from my state so I have seen the programs from these pageants and the ridiculously airbrushed photos so this one is like a breath of fresh air! =D She is beautiful! Anyway...can't wait to see what you have in store! ;)

erin yamabe

congratulations becky, off to check it out and adding it to my blog reader list.
happy monday!

Laura B

congratulations! i love seeing your work and sharing your faith. Thank you for your inspiration.


Lovely new site! Congrats! I always love coming here to see all your latest posts. :)

Jody F.

Hooray for you! It looks fun the blue. You know I would be at your loft for both classes and especially for lunch if I could! SOunds like a wonderful day. I hope you have a great time. Your sneak peeks are sweet too. To answer your question from fb, no...I've been a terrible scrapper lately. I've hardly done a thing! But it's a new month and {hopefully!} we're done with the flu at my home, so I should be recharged and ready to go. I got a TON of new K&COmpany product, so I am stocked on the 'stuff'. =)
Have a great week!
P.S. I bet Greyson is getting so big already!


yipppeee! so excited for you, becky! it looks fantastic! :)

tara pollard pakosta

you know how much i LOVED IT!
and how proud i am of you friend!!!
you are awesome!


Congratulations Becky!


love the site also... :) does that mean you wont post on here? or just on your website?

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