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Ok, I'm totally loving the new look of your studio! I hope to have a beautiful room like that all to myself someday, pure bliss. And your family photos are just precious. I DO see Tara's influence in them and that was the first thing I thought when I saw the one w/the boys in the forefront of the pic before I even read your post!! Way to go Becky!


Bow glue? jelly...seriously!
It's what the hospital used when my girls were born. Perfect for baby hair! love the photos! =)


GORGEOUS family!
I so would love to have photos like these of my family!


bow trick: corn syrup! just dab a little right where you want to add the bow. works for little clippies too. :) uh, but a little goes a long way - so don't go crazy! ;)

Christine Traversa

awesome pics, Becky! tfs!

melissa deakin (momteacherwriter)

love these photos, becky!
that one of the boys in
focus and the parents blurred
is amazing!
love this!
wish you could photograph
my family!

Layle Koncar

Studio looks great, Becky! I have all of my buttons stored in different jars, too. Some new, some old, even a few vintage mason jars, just like yours. My favorite button jar is the one that has all of my old cream vintage buttons in it. Love buttons!!!

Cari Locken

What a beautiful family Becky!

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