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My first comment to you! About the shower curtain ... try pottery barn and crate and barrel. I always see cute ones in their catalogs.

tara pollard pakosta

well i hope you are planning on coming to chicago to go to IKEA, cause you know you are supposed to visit us!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Survivor! LOVE Survivor! We haven't missed a season yet. Can't wait. But I hadn't heard the race thing. Yikes. What are they thinking?

Wish lists. Great idea. That would raise my husbands blood pressure as soon as I showed it to him.

Mud! That reminded me of when Lu was 3 and we were redoing our yard. He loved all the dirt. He layed down, placing his cheek on the mud and boldly stated " I LOOOVE my face in the dirt."


Let's hit Ikea together! : )
What a funt trip THAT would be... I get a smile on my face thinking about it!
On another note, I'm jonesin' for a bigger tv for the basement and I'm thinking the day after Thanksgiving might be the "just right price" day. Maybe? : )

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