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CUTE PHOTOS! I love the one with the baby in the pink lace~

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Becky! LOVE that centerpiece! Great job. I can't wait to look at the rest of the photos, but I am off to teach. Will check back later. Looks like it was a great day. Love the baby photo and the hair shaving photo. Love the no hair look.


Is the back and chest hair removal the next dare for tommy??

Lisa Waddell


I am so glad to hear that your family reunion went so well. I love the center piece and the canvases.

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hey girly! Looks like a fun weekend for all... : )
Hopin' to see you soon!


If Tommy's back and chest are next on the hair removal list I want to be first on the list of who will do it! I LOVE WAXING!

Tattoo Tommy

Lets not get any ideas. tt


I'm SOOOOO happy the weather cooperated & you had a nice weekend! Your pics are wonderful and your urn full of flowers is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine Traversa

beautiful photos, Becky!
i always feel like i am part of the event when i see your pics! your photography is so inspiring!

Rodney B

I can't believe you gave into peer pressure. Don't you know that Jamie is a bad influence on us all???? Just joking, it took me a minute to realize who I was looking at. You are way more brave than I. Looks good from the pic I saw.

Now if you wax the chest and back I want to be there for that...with camera in tow. LOL
Rodney B


Lots of waxing threats going on! Made me laugh! Love the canvases Becky... You exude love of family... So precious.

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