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Becky you need to read the book "The Precious Present". You would enjoy it. Takes about 1/2 hour to read.


I'm all about the funky crops myself! Love the pics and love reading your blog. I am always in a better place after absorbing each post. Hope you're feeling better and hope to see you at the Pea gathering. :)

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Becky, those photo inspire me. I want a new camera! But I will do my best with what I have.
Great words today. Very true.


Bec.. My instamatic 110 still works great!! lol

Just want you to know that I copy and pasted your writing above and sent it on to a couple friends.. I need to get that book and read it.. it sounds like a very inspirational book. Take Care and love ya girlfriend

Brandie Schoeneck

Jaime, congratulations, I love the photographs. Becky is an artist, I love her me sometime.Brandie (your old Bath & Body Works bud)

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