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Karon Henderson

absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!! must tell me where to find a baby-size tutu!! will need one in just a few weeks :)
hope you get over your whiney mood soon :) had mine last night!
i'm definitely watching grey's; can't wait!!!


I always wonder what's going on in your life if you haven't posted by 10:30. What could take priority over updating your faithful readers?

She's a beautiful baby.

Jana How cute is little Harper in that tutu?!!!! That is genuinely one of the sweetest things I've ever seen! Have fun watching must-see TV tonight. I'm going to watch Survivor and Tivo GA.


What a beautiful baby! I vote for Grey's!!!!


what an adorable photo shoot. Miss Tu-tu butt it too too precious. :)

holly k

oooh those photos are so precious!!! she's such a sweetie!!!


ohmygoodness, becky! those photos are so precious. what a little sweetheart :)

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

LOVE LOVE LOVE the one on her tummy! That pink bow! Thanks for the smile today.


As usual, GORGEOUS photography!!!

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