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Oh please share it!


Becky I LOVE these shots! I can't tell you enough how talented you are. It's only magnified by the fact that you're so genuinely kind and caring about those you meet.

I can't believe you said you were nervous . . . I look up to you! I picked you for your style and ability to capture the special moments. And the proof is in the pudding girl! The photos above are perfect.

Thanks again for such a fun evening. Now I'm thinking we may have to do this with my side of the family.


and I forgot to mention that I hope you share the canvas of you and Tom. The way you described it the other day . . . sounds amazing!


great shots, becky!

and i love the new albums! you're sooo good!

melissa deakin

you are so talented, miss becky.
you amaze me.
thinking of you...


Becky!! you can not tease us all about the canvas! I really hope you decide to show us! have a great day, Mindy



(check your email)

susan opel

Hi, Becky! Tonight I decided to stop by all the blogs of my favorite SISters, and here I am feasting my eyes on your gorgeous photographs! You really have a gift!

Vicki Chrisman

You better show that canvas girl!! I bet it turned out cool!


Becky- your photography is absolutely stunning. I've been drooling over all your photos for about 20 minutes now!! Very inspiring...


found your blog through cara's, and wow! you are very talented at what you do. love your work! i'll have to check out those webisodes later.

Cari Locken

Oh how fun that you could be with CARA and take pictures of her family!!!
I sure wish that I was closer to all you gals. I get jealous sometimes that many of you are within driving distance!
But, I am so happy that you are able to get together like this.

All of your photos are incredible Becky. You really have an eye for it!

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