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the grahams are true inspiration.


Oh I want to say so much about being humble and nonjudgemental. We all need to use Billy as an example of how we as humans need to treat each other. Good one Babe. tt


I missed the service on tv but was so moved by the articles printed during Mrs. Graham's passing. Billy loves her so much and each comment made regarding her brought me to tears. They are a true inspiration.


Becky, thanks for this wonderful post. You are so totally right...we all need to be more like Billy Graham and all the eloquent speakers from that day. Focus on God. Seems so simple....thank you for refocusing me :)


amen, sister!! everything you said has really been on my heart lately. you just say it better than the ramblings in my mind. so true, at the end of the day it is all about JESUS. i guess the older i get, the more i sin, and the more i realize how thankful i am for the GIFT of grace. thanks for such a great post.


Hey Becky!
I'm at the Cape and shouldn't be on but I am and hey.....I had to read your blog :)
This is such a wonderful post! I am reading 90 minutes in heaven and was again reminded today, while reading it, how God works in our lives.
I have been really listening to God lately.....isn't it amazing how he works?!
God bless you and thank you!

susan opel

Gorgeous pictures of such a lovely family!

I know what you mean about Billy Graham. What a man of faith he is!


Oh what beautiful pictures :)


super writings.....
beatiful pictures...

please pray for annie and ross.. their child (dog) has been lost for two days. we have hunted countless hours for our little lucy.. Please pray for her safety and return home.
love ya girlfriend

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