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oh weather looks soooo nice in NEBRASKA! today finally is SUNNY! YA!

GREAT pictures!


to be inspire me, your photography is beautiful!!!


Wonderful post. I would like to think that I am motivated by love but there are times that I know for certain that fear creeps into the picture. Love the pictures (especially the lake shot).


Quite Frankly.. I just need a Kick in the Arse once in awhile to become motivated.. :)

jessica T.

Motivation. Sometimes its fear, like cleaning the house when my mother in law comes to visit! And it's also love, because I want her to be comfortable and at home. Then it's self focused because I want to impress her by how I care for her son and grandchildren. I like how you stop and ask yourself if it's out of fear or out of love. Thats the key. Stopping and being more aware of our faith lived out in our lives. Checking our hearts and true motivation.

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