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Ok, that is a totally FAB new profile pic, Miss look HOT Miss Thang!!! Your family photo shoot pics are just beautiful, I love what you do w/the colors, so rich & vibrant. Have a good busy day and I hope you fit your pedi in too because you deserve it!


cute pics-

melissa deakin

i know i say this all the time, but you are such an inspriation to inspiration for how to live my life.
gorgeous family...gorgeous photos.
happy hunting today...hope you find some treasures!

kim in Camas

well, think of me all green with envy while you skip through the flea market tulips.

Great safety alarm went off seeing that kid at the top. I wish you would have taken some interior shots. I'm such a peeping tom.


looove the island...have fun at the flea market!

holly k

such great pictures, becky!!! i can't wait for tomorrow! :D


Becky-thanks for the reminder about an attitude check. I love that quote, but don't apply it often enough. Enjoy your trip to the flea market or sale. Love your island-would like to have one similiar for my scrapbook studio.


well ya'll have fun tomorrow! i love doing things like that with my hubby too.
love your new profile pic too..such a funky pose!
ps- i have the same little chalkboard in my cute. you should try for super fun chalk-markers!


gorgeous photos, as always! have a great time at the flea market...can't wait to see what you find! :)

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