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Hi there!!
I wanted to email but in checking in here, I figured I would just let your blog world know too...I
received the DW calendar and THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are seriously the kindest sweetest thing. I am so excited about this! Hoping it will give me the inspiration I need to keep on scrappin' in '08!!
Tom's "tat" is FANTASTIC! WOW!! The guy did an amazing job! The eyes......just like your photo!
Awesome :)


Becky~ Those pictures are so good! We had so much fun with you on Saturday! We can't wait to see the rest of them! Thanks again.

Jann Saulsberry

Oh Becky....first...tell Tom his tat ROCKS...and I think that the fact that you took the picture it was fashioned after just makes it all the more special! Miami Ink is one of my secret vices...I love having it on when I am working on a project...great creative inspiration even if I don't have a single tatoo -- love the artistry of it and the story line as well.

Awesome pictures...I think the vintagy look is just it.

I am so with you on the focus on our lives being a clear reflection of Christ in us. Some days, I think people can see clearly -- and others, sadly, I have to say His reflection is pretty dim in me. Working hard to get the "muddiness" out of my life...and learning so much in the process.

These kinds of lessons are hard -- hard on the prideful heart, that is -- but boy do I want to learn the lessons regardless of the pain.

Can't wait to see what you come back with from your shoots...I am praying you have a glorious time -- fantastic weather and lighting and that you capture a bit of the inner person of each of your subjects. have fun!



AWWWW YES.. A Proud Mama here.. I adore my kids.. and am so Proud of them. I'm a lucky mom to have two beautiful daughters and a terrific son-in-law along with the worlds greatest grandson.. Now is that braggin or what? :)

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Tom is one bad A@@!

That's so cool that he used a photo that you took. Now, do YOU have any tats?
me? NoWAY! I'm too indecisive. Heck I couldn't even get married until I was 36.


oh the tattoo. ya'll are just all-around way too cool!
the young couple is precious, love the vintage actions you used.
becky you are just aload of fun, so talented, & grounded. you are obviously a glass is half full & i love coming to 'visit'.
signed....someone with a tat!! shh!!


Your hubby's tat is amazing!! I sure missed not getting to see you while I was in Omaha.

Stephanie Howell

we are going to see that movie today,
harper is with my parents and i'm so thrilled to have grown up time. =)
and have i mentioned lately how talented you are????

Kimberly Kwan

missed you this weekend...thought about you a lot! Next tiem i coem to Omaha you may just have ot take ME to see Nasr...that tat is gorgeous! xoxo

Alexa D.

Hi Becky~
I really like the pictures of Annie and Ross. I haven't seen Anne forever!!! She looks so pretty!! U ROCK!!!

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