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Happy Monday Becky!
I agree about finding the right church. I love my church. We've been there for 10 years...the longest I have ever been in a church. Our retiring in June....and my heart is sad because like the church, he has been the pastor I have had longest in my life. He is wonderful.
We have a new pastor coming and it's a little bit scary and a lot exciting at the same time! He is very different from our current pastor so I expect a different feel to the church...but I also know that God is in charge of the details and believe this will all work out.
Your weekend sounds fabulous!
God bless!

Jodi Van Straalen

Hi Becky
Funny thing happened here yesterday....We did not go to church-because of my own poopiness.
SO your post was so right on because it really was not a great day and even when I want to hide out and pout-that is not what HE wants me to do!

Oh well today is a new day!
I will try to learn something from this
Thanks for your words.


You just know how to speak to my heart, Girl! We didn't go to church either yesterday because it's been storming and snowing for 3 days now. And we are getting a new pastor on May 1st too. I know there are changes ahead for us but God has His plans all made for all of us. In our Bible study on the Purpose Driven Life, fellowship in a church is a key principle. We are encouraged, held accountable and affirmed by our Christian communities. I love that you aren't afraid to write about these things. It encourages me to be open and Lord knows I need that! The mentorship sounds like it's going to be a perfect fit for you :)) I hope you had a lovely walk!


Gorgeous pictures :D

I so hear you about the right important! And what a perfect idea about mentors...such amazing accountability :)

Sending so much love to you!!

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