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Love your thoughts today!
You said, "also, i want it to be behind the scenes giving, not upfront...kwim?" Totally know what you mean and I feel the same way! :) Can't wait to hear what God leads you to do.

kim brimhall

you are so wise!! brilliant words!

ps-we don't onlyyyy have to keep in touch by blog my friend:)


Enjoy your concert and thanks for the reminders. I think voluteerism is not talked about enough. I know I can always do more. Going to go pull my Joel Osteen book out and re-read the first one. Been wanting to pick up the second one-now I think I will.


Love what you said on here! Gorgeous pics! Have a great time at the concert!


Stephanie Howell

You are NOT a cheeseball.
you are a good person with a big heart.
and i love that list.
i've been thinking lately that we need to take harper to do some sort of volunteer work.
i want her to learn early.


I just found out about your blog a few days ago and certainly enjoy it. I especially enjoy the spiritual meaning you have woven into it. I just wanted to encourage you in following thru with this particular post. (Today it actually came to my mind that it was Mon. and you may be making a meal for someone!) Also, follow thru with taking that mission trip. Two years ago my husband and I went on one for the first time to Brazil and then went back this past Nov. It still amazes me to realize that we are now planning on going as full-time missionaries! Carry on...

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