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emma :o)

okay i love your studio... i think my mom is jealous. someday she will have one!

see ya tomorrow! { wow that sounds weird?! }

love ya

its pouring rain as i speak. bring your rain clothes & sun! lol

Vicki Chrisman

So glad you didnt share the sandwich here... I didnt either. lol I had such a great time , just sitting on the floor in the middle of your studio just trying to cram in all the words we could! What a relaxing , fun time! We need to do that more often.
So glad you guys are getting away together.. it will be so nice for you both. Have a great time!


Love your studio pics and all your othere pics too! Have a great week!


melissa deakin

you will be greatly missed.
your studio is amazing.
i am going to be sending that check in the mail for you to shop for me!
have a wonderful trip!:)


I wish I had a studio like that..mine is just messy and not very cozy :-( Sounds like you had a great time with your friend...those are precious times. Love the photos!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Enjoy your trip. I hope we have some good weather for you.

In your studio shot, are those little platers by Hummel?


I copied your idea with the medicine chest. I had one stored in the basement and have now moved it to my office. I love it there! Thanks for the idea.


I loved seeing photos of your studio - so beautiful.


I'll miss your posts but hope you and Tom have a fabulous time!


Hello. On Prom Night you took a few pictures of me, my date Tom, Keith, and my best friend Jacqui. I just have to say that I really enjoy the pictues you took and I can't wait to get some copies from Keith.

Thanks so much!

kimberly brimhall

oh i love your medicine cabinet!! and that layout of the rockstar is divine...true sweetness:)


I can't take the poop stuff. Ihave loved your blog but it really bothers me. I know that I don't have to read your blog, but I do and the poop sandwich thing was just gross.


I am having trouble with all the poop stuff, am I the only one that reads your blog that thinks it isn't funny?


I think that the poop stuff is VERY FUNNY! Everyone has the right not to read the blog. These are her personal feelings you dont have to like them.

kerry lynn

have a fabulous vacay becks!
i'll miss ya!


So I'm realizing how much I love your blog....with you being gone for the whole week, I'm having withdrawals!
Hope the trip is fabulous!
Miss you :(


I got to take prom pics last night. Good kids make for a fun time. Not all teens are bad. Yours look so cute and ready for a special night.


I hope that your trip was wonderful. I sure do miss you on here!!
I'm counting the days until my vacation too.. Deb my dad and I are traveling to VEGAS later this month... whoo hoo..
Welcome home girlie.. love ya

Stephanie Howell

okay, so i'm coming over to scrap.
hope that's okay. ;)
and that layout?
perfection...those colors are amazing!!


Hey - could you please post so I don't have to see the poop post anymore?!!! LOL

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