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LOVE the cute pictures.... i was Instant Messaging her on her bday right before she left to go shopping...! I clicked on that "vic" link, and saw that picture of you... LOVE YOUR TANK GIRL! TOO CUTE!

cute cute cute :o)


It was so nice meeting you! It was a fun time! I've also been wanting to organize we'll see if it happens :) Can't wait to see your pics!


i love you pictures and i would like some moreinformation on them like if you do senior pictures or not and about how much it would cost and where you are located

please email me with details


I am 50 and believe me it's not so bad!!!


Yeah...the biggest difference is that you look about 30! : ) I hope I look as good as you when I'm a grandma.

Going to try your pasta recipe--with maybe oregano instead of basil...



love your list....must try that conditioner and moisturizer!!!
what fun pics of the girls!!!


Those are great pictures of new baby in the hospital! Congrats to your family -you are blessed! I wish I had pictures like that of my hospital baby days:) But that was 15 plus years ago.
One more thing I have always dreamed of the lounges from PB -hey they are on sale-now is your chance!

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