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I LOVE this post and I LOVE your photos! Gorgeous! Have a great weekend!



Beautifully done. I know what you mean about the first picture. I had a similar reaction. It's an award-winner, for sure.

tara pollard pakosta

LOVE these images, what a beautiful family! tell them THANK YOU for serving our country from me. God bless them and you for doing this beautiful shoot of them! i so LOVE the image of their hands and the flag. amazing!

Auntie Jaynee

It is an amazing shot! Good eye, Beck.
Love to you.


My heart aches to hear the diagnosis about your Mom. Please know that my thoughts and heart are with you as you face this together. Time is a gift, and you clearly know how best to spend that time. She is lucky to have you!


First, I have to agree that these photos in their entirety are beyond the word "moving"...the first one esp. sets you up for the rest. They tell a story of real people, with adorable children, with families they love - people like you and me - who bless us with their sacrifices in order to provide the freedoms we so take for granted. A heartfelt thanks to them and all of our military families, past and present. And thank you Becky for using your gift behind the camera {and your sweet spirit} to share such a wonderful shoot with the rest of us.

Leigh Ann

Wow--these are wonderful! And so meaningful. Thank you so much for sharing them--I am continually thankful for the sacrifices of our military families.
oh, and 04 is a Major in the Air Force(and Army)


Great photos as always!!!


AWESOME photos and family. Thanks for sharing their pics and story. God bless them for their service to our country.


She is a Major, great photos they are truly amazing.


I love these photos! The first one is so poignant (and I love her nails - so feminine in this setting) and they look like such a happy family. Thanks for sharing your art again - I always love it!

Praying for you, your mom and your whole family as you deal with this turn in her health. May you be surrounded by God's love and His peace.


God's richest blessing to this family. I feel blessed just reading about them and seeing their photos. So very thankful for our military and the sacrifices they make for us. Take care!

Chris Dodaj

A beautiful post, Becky! thank you for sharing those thoughts - I always leave your posts feeling inspired with my own life stuff.
I love all the shots, especially the one of them sitting on the stairs with the US flag hanging in the doorway - beautiful!!!



Becky, I always love your photos, but these are exceptional photos of an exceptional family!! I cannot imagine the lives they lead.

p.s. I love the "Smile for our security cameras" sign!!


becky - these are amazing. wow. you are so talented!

amy stewart

It was nice getting to talk to you at Vicki's party. I am in love with your blog!!! You are so blessed with such great talent!

holly k

Those shots are amazing, Becky!!! What a great site!!! I'm so glad you found such a great family for the shots!


BECKY, being from a military family... and just saying goodbye to my brother in Seattle, literally yesterday, who is setting off for Iraq tomorrow, that first photo moved me to tears, not of sadness but of complete pride. Pride in the individuals and families who make up our Armed Forces. They are often overlooked and under appreciated.

That photo speaks volumes! I really think it needs to be seen by others, prayerfully consider allowing God to use it in whatever way He deems fit. (I know you would anyway :) ) But I have a hunch...

With love,



Love the pics .. sure wish you stayed close to me, I would pay you to take pics of hubby and I and our children in uniform, so they could have something to look back on .. these shots are beautiful .. WOW .. love the one with them holding hands .. Go Air Force.


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