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Auntie Jaynee

Greyson looks so cozy!


Those shots are absolutely precious! And I LOVE the green chair....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Have great day!


Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

LOVE that green chair, Becky!! Seriously! Could you bring that puppy with you next time you come to town?! Hahaha!

And those family & baby shots are soooo great. Wow. Super cute babies and you're right - those bright colors are totally cool!

Have a goodie!

Chris Dodaj

more gorgeous photos, Becky! That family is gorgeous, the little ones are adorable!!

one week, already - I particularly love that age, so sweet and needy!

Hoping all the tests come back with positive news for your Mom. Keeping you all in my prayers.



I love your posts! I'm always smiling after reading them and the photos are so beautiful. I love fresh flowers too and baby Grey wrapped in those stripes is so precious.

I haven't really been a Goodwill shopper but yesterday I went by to get some canning jars - and I found myself thinking, "Becky would like this!" It was a serving bowl with tiny pink flowers and a gold scroll around the edge - totally reminded me of your home :)) See - I really do carry you close to my heart - (( HUGS )))


That photo of the kiddos in the green chair laughing is so stinkin cute I can hardly stand it...seeing that brightened my day :)

Jody Ferlaak

Okay...I am officially in love. With Becca's kids, with baby Greyson, with your green/retro chair, and with the way you capture them all with your camera!! So beautiful- you do such amazing stuff with photos. Your pictures jump off the screen. I think I need some friends here in MICH to book some sessions so that you'll just happen to be in the area when I need family/newborn pics! I also need to get to my Goodwill and scout the vintage furniture section. =)
I am still thinking/praying for your mom too. I hope she starts getting some answers/direction soon. Love from me...

melissa deakin

i love that green chair.
i'm so happy you didn't get rid of it.
i love that photo of greyson.
i am falling more in love with his name every time i see you write it.
i'm so happy for you!

holly k

oh wow, those are amazing, becky!!!!! we miss them all so much! i can't wait to show wilson in the morning. :)


i LOVE those photos and that chair! i especially like the one where becca is fixing the baby's hair. aww! so sweet.

lisa truesdell

becca's littles are so cute - love these. and greyson is adorable.

i think i need sammy pics in the green chair. maybe once life slows down a smidge for you sam and i can come out and take you to lunch. =)

Schultze Tanja

wow, great pictures ... very nice ... the green chair with the both babys are the best
i like it!


I cried.
Actually wept when I saw these because they are amamzing and beautiful and I think you've captured us we are right at this moment in time.
I will treasure them forever.


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