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what a gorgeous family! You have a way of capturing total personality....gorgeous shots!
Enjoy your day today!

ps LOVE the last shot!


What sweet pics, her kiddos are adorable!! Great news about the heater, so nice not having to heat up the whole house and move it around if you need to. I emailed you today in hopes of meeting up w/you in Omaha next month, just let me know!! :-)


hey thanks for the bday shout out.
when you "fix up" a car- its restored.
gear head babe.
love ya, beckalina!


Your work is beautiful. I aspire to be a successful photographer. I will check in here often and try to learn from you!

~ Ki ~

Your photography is just wonderful!! I've missed you! Will try to stop by much more often - promise!


omw becky... those kids are ADORABLE! super cute family! they are so photogenic i tell you!

love them all, but my favorite is the last one... :) GREAT idea...


I can't describe how AMAZING these photos are. I can just feel the love in this adorable family. So many special things going on in these images. You rock girl!

I love your comment about spending time with your family and not worrying about getting back to editing. That's what I feel like lately too. I went and helped my Dad with something last night and didn't rush to get home like I normally would have. I stayed and ate dinner with them because I remembered your comment today! Thanks :)


Oh my.
We LOVE these!
E loves to look at them too--he says "Gecky? POP?" : )

And I'm so glad that my vision with our car and the kids' cars turned out so well...and that it's so well-received! : )

Thank you thank you thank you!

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