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way to work on that people pleasing issue you have ;) actually I can't say anything b/c I am getting a lot of flack from people right now b/c I do it too. I didn't think it was a bad thing. :) love love love your 6 happy things!! can't wait to see your blog list! btw, after I read yours I leave it up for the playlist too!!


preach on sister!
i give you a resounding amen on that one


Loce the new pics :) He is a doll and I love his name :)
As for the economy. I now hate the word. I am so tired of hearing how negative everything is. The campaigning here in Idaho is bad as well. I will be so glad to get my voting done and be able to move on with whatever the outcome may be.

Chris Dodaj

I do love reading your blog, Becky!
You really hit home with your thoughts. Love the little man pics, such a cutie!!
How's you Mom?
take care!!


From one long time people pleaser to another....It is an long journey to ease yourself out of and believe me, I speak from experience! What a cutie that little guy really captured those adorable baby blues!! See you in about 10 days! :)


Your photography is so inspiring. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to me!


I remember reading that same email with that open letter from Dave Letterman. Becky - it really does make us seem like we take for granted having all the choices that we do in life. That baby boy is so beautiful and so are his piercing blue eyes!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

I get mad when people DON'T please me. :)

You can people please me anytime with a trip to the NW to teach me everything you know about photography. Really, it will make you feel much better. :)

Vicki boutin

Wow, Friend! These photos are talented you are! And what a perfect subject!

What actions are you using??? In PS of PSE or what?

Just think...only a few more days until the election and then people will find something else to complain about! :)

Miss ya!


I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the economy and those of us who live in North America. We are in the top 15% of the world - and still the complaining endures. We are leaning completely on Heavenly Father - more than ever and that's a very good thing.

That little guy is a cutie!! And I want a jacket just like his! Do you have any idea where it's from?

Take care!

Stefanie Hamilton

I LOVE those photos in the leaves! So stunning.

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