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Auntie Jaynee

Way cool, Becky!

tara pollard pakosta

how fun b! enjoy
this season as much as you can!so wish i were there to help edit!

melissa deakin

sounds like a fabulous time and amy sounds like an amazing woman.
love her t-shirts too!
love all the photos, b!


I NEVER get sick of talking with you! It's funny how getting to see you makes me so energized when I get home. I love bouncing around marketing ideas with you.

These photos are terrific! You really illustrated all that you told me about yesterday. Better than I could imagine! I'm very glad you had this amazing trip!

Can't wait until Sunday. We are going to rock this photoshoot!


I love this post.

Sushi? Yum.
Pedi? Yum.
AmyTan all day long? AWESOME.


p.s. I took the same picture of Nebraska street when we were in Santa Monica on our Rose Bowl trip.

Amy Tangerine

i love you!
you make my heart warm and put a huge smile on my face.
my world is truly brighter because of all the lovely people like you in it!


OH Becky... The pictures of Kim's family and these darling Amy and doggie pictures are incredible. I am so amazed at the way you capture the personalities and true self of these individuals.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you at Kim's event and I hope so much that our paths will cross again and we'll be able to spend more time together.

I hope you're settled in back at home and are having a lovely week.

Take good care,



Very cool~ Enjoyed visiting your blog. I saw in your sidebar a Griffin. I have a Griffin James about 5 and all boy!

kim hesson

your right that green chair rocks! love the way it shows up in the photos!


breathtaking photos !!! So glad i got to meet you and spend time with you !! Everytime I look at your photos I get goosebumps - You are the queen girl !! I am so happy that you love your jewelry !!!
I so hope you , carol and I are able to embark on another journey together !!! I had the most incredible time with both of you !!!!
stay in touch !!! miss you !!!


nice to "see" you!!! :)


Oh, what a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing. I wish I was a little bird on your shoulder enjoying all the loveliness. Thanks for all the photos. It felt Like I was there. California is my favorite place in all the world. I am Seal beach girl at heart. Kara

heather fuentes

sigh. you are beautiful! and the pic of ames and bamboo dancing makes me miss her SO much! thanks for sharing your amazing photography with us, becky. xoxo.

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