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I LOVE THE LITTLE HOUSE! I am looking high and low for some houses like that this christmas season!

i found a little snowman thats about 3 inches tall, at this NEW thrift store... it's 100% vintage! lol...

cute decor... i love it ALL!


Love that quote.
Yesterday was a slow down day. My youngest was ill (still is) so I got to be home and accomplished so much! Much of it just for my soul, but that is a big part of the season :)
Love your ideas and I may ahve to 'make my own' of that gorgeous pink house! And your bookscape...Love it!

Nancy Naylor

I have enjoyed all your great ideas. The only one I don't do is hand out cards. I mail them all JUST because I know how excited I am to get mail. I even mailed a card to my 10 year old daughter, because it is fun to get mail from the mailman. Honestly is $.42 too much to let someone know you love them plus bring fun and smiles into their life? But maybe you are just a little more frugal than me.;-)
However we give ~ it brings such joy to make someone know they are loved!
Wishing you the merriest of Christmas' and the Happiest of New Years!


Just wanted to tell you we are going to "slow down" this weekend and unfortunately miss your Christmas party. We have just been going and going and it makes me sad that Christmas is next week. We need to watch movies, look at Christmas lights and make goodies as a family this weekend. The kids wrapped their "mimi" gifts today,....they are pretty proud!


i love your lists.

and i am totally with you on happy to see the good guy finally win in the end!

kerry lynn

so loving these posts becks!
happy holidays!


I just wanted to say Hello, I stumbled across your blog the other day and I just have been devouring it. Your pictures are amazing and may I just say your home is decorated how my dream home would be ,kinda shabby chic vintage with a little glam. Just love it. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your wonderful ideas. I look forward to reading and seeing more. Have a wonderful day and holiday season. Heidi R

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