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i love them! they are so cute!

tara pollard pakosta

i was just thinking how excited i am about a new year, fresh changes and it hit me that i don't know what this year will hold, and what challenges i will face. scary thought, but exciting too!
love every bit of information b!


wonderful news and overjoyed for j!!
can't wait to meet beth.


I LOVE my necklace!!!!!!!!!!

Debby Schuh

I love your new year's list! I have many of the same goals...I'm excited about the adventure God has for each of us in the new year!


East of Eden is a long book but once you start reading it will go quickly. Such a lovely piece of American literature, enjoy it.

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

I love the frames, they look really big.


Can you suggest some Devotionals? I was thinking about starting in the new year and went to the Vineyard, what a selection! I am more indecisive now than when I went in.
Please help!



Hey, wanted to say thanks again for the inspiration... I would have NEVER thought to do that on my own and I am so happy to have the little item, already excited to get it out for next Christmas, may even do countdown to birthday tabs for the boys too for each month of their birthday!!!! and just reuse the frame over and over again!

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