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I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Love your b list :) I should do that. Winter is my least favorite season but I, too, enjoy change of seasons and there is good in that one too ;)
Happy to hear Griff is doing better...he looks great and baby G is omgosh....sigh...and all that ;)
Love the layouts and I never did the 8 layouts I wanted to do :( Perhaps soon....I'm struggling with scrapbooking. You said something a few months (?) ago about making time for the things you truly love and I thought I loved scrapping and now....I don't know? It makes me sad....I don't want to let go and am questioning that, among other things.
Anyway.....I can't wait to hear your review about the movie.....John loves Clint Eastwood and may actually WANT to see it, as he is not a movie goer!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Stewart

Hi, Becky :)

Just reading your list made me all warm and cozy! We don't have harsh winters here in Austin, but it is cold enough for mittens and scarves once in a while. This is my favorite season...hope it lasts a bit.



Love the new layouts!
I also love the jammies before dinner thing. It makes the transition to bed so much easier for my boys!
Just finished The Christmas Sweater, it was a pretty good one.
Glad Grif is doing better :)
Little Grey is just munchable :)

Stefanie Hamilton

Love the new profile pic!

kim Scrap to my lu

so glad to know he's doing better.

I am Legend freaked me out for days! I love Will Smith........I even watched hancock last night.....and let Lucas watch it. Such a good he knows a few words he shouldn't say.

Fiona Whitehead

What gorgeous layouts - and I love allyour photos - they're inspiring.

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